Take part in a new style of hackathon dedicated to startups and mature companies!

GSK is looking for digital collaborators to provide innovative solutions to be implemented within the company. If you can help us become more efficient in organizing our meetings, finding accurate, relevant and quick information, or creating a digital personal assistant, you should take part in the GSK Hack Days.

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Applications open until 22 December, 2017

How can GSK employees easily detect an available room for a meeting?
How do they find the person they are meeting with? Can GSK employees reproduce the experience of a face to face meeting remotely?

Digital Meeting

Can a GSK employee have a 360° view of their training matrix, and their tasks? Whether you're a dataviz, chatbot or dashboard expert, this challenge is for you!

Personal Assistant

3 challenge

Three challenges have been selected.

A team of GSK coaches is available for the design thinking process.


Can a search engine, a chatbot or any other interface help GSK’ employees save time by providing the right information at the right time? 

Can a search engine, a chatbot or any other interface help GSK employees save time by providing the right information at the right moment? 

Search Engine

If you are a startup, an expert working for a tech company or a freelance developer, take part in the challenge to win a €25K award provided by
GSK to turn your solution into an MVP.

Be part of this adventure and make sure you apply by 22 December 2017.


to be a part of this hackathon? 

Are you up


Whether you're a winner or not, a business development zone will be available during the entire hackathon to explore potential collaboration.

Long-term opportunities

Hurry up and register as only 25 startups will be selected  5 January 2018!

€25K per challenge to turn your idea into an MVP to be implemented by GSK before summer 2018. GSK is looking to start a collaboration in the months following the hackathon.

During the Hackathon, get a chance to team up with the biggest in the field including Microsoft and its Innovation Center (MIC), Sinequa, Sopra Steria, and Atos.

Learning with the best

New methods, new ways of working and an exciting hacker experience.


Your journey

Sign up on this website and post your idea of application on the hackathon platform.

Step 1
22 December, 2017

Announcement of the top companies selected to participate to the hackathon.

Step 2
5 January, 2018

2 days of hacking and much more, to end with a final demo presentation in front of GSK’s Jury and partners.

Step 3
17-19 January, 2018

The selected companies will be announced to transform their ideas into an MPV by GSK.

Step 4
19 January, 2018

Mentors from GSK

Project Manager
Innovation Ecosystem 

Vincent Sabbe

Senior Manager
Performance Process & Risk Mgt Italy

Portfolio Integration Operations

Elisabetta Carli

Project Coordinator 
Innovation Ecosystem  

Laure Seegers

Senior Manager
Site Master Plan & Real Estate

Ludivine Bellot

Site Master Plan & Real Estate

Michael Kaye

Head of
Innovation Ecosytem

Frédéric Sallmann

Senior Innovation Manager

Innovation Ecosystem 

Jean-Philippe Lièvremont

Head of R&D Technical
Services Rix et Gbx

Salvino Piazza

Tech Mentors

Sopra Steria
Head of Sopra Steria’s DigiLab

Antoine Godin

Senior Business Consultant

Business Process & Platforms
Enterprise Content Management

Frank Grognet

Technical Evangelist

Jan Tielens


VP Global Operations

Luc Manigot

Microsoft Innovation Center Belgique
Developer Evangelist 

Frédéric Carbonnelle

Microsoft Innovation Center Belgique

Developer Evangelist 

Thomas D’Hollander

The biggest in the field



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