The winning teams

For the Living models challenge : Lifebit.

For the SOP challenge: OUAT!

For the Transfer of biological components challenge : Mekonos

For the Online antigen quantification: Litprot

GSK is a science-led global healthcare company that researches and develops a broad range of innovative products in three primary areas of Pharmaceuticals, Vaccines and Consumer Healthcare.
Our mission is to help people do more, feel better, live longer.

GSK employs more than 100.000 people worldwide
and around 17.000 in its Vaccines division.

The event

The event will combine different initiatives such as the Hack Days (Hackathon), the Rocket Challenge (Makeathon), a Demo Corner, keynote speakers and more… 

In this context, GSK is looking for collaborators from the Digital and Deep Tech space to propose innovative solutions to be  implemented within the company. 

During the final race, participants who will be selected will have access to Technology Experts from key companies, who will bring Know How and Technology tools to support you in turning your idea into the best solution possible.

Ready to embark on the adventure?

100% of your background IP is yours.


Six challenges have been selected. 

A team of GSK Mentors is going to be available for the process of design thinking.

Dare to revolutionize the Vaccine's development approach by leveraging any of the following technologies?

Living models

Disrupt the (pre)clinical approach by limiting the use of living models

Vaccination Whenever Wherever

Secure vaccination on demand even in the most remote region of the world

SOP Training process

Disrupt the vaccines SOP training process keeping operations compliant when developing, producing & manufacturing vaccines in a regulated SOPs environment

Online Antigen quantification

How to quantify an antigen online from start till end of the process?

Precision vaccine

How would you design a process, stand on a ‘lab on chip’, that could allow the production of a personalized vaccine and vaccination of the patient in only 2 hours?

Transfer of biological components

How could we reach 100% transfer of a variety of different biological components such as nucleic acids, peptides, polypeptides, proteins, from low to high molecular weight, into the cytoplasm or nucleus of human cells?


If you are a startup or a Small or Medium-sized Enterprise evolving in the Digital or the Deep Tech Technology space, take part in the race and make sure you apply by 8 February 2019 at noon.


Prize pool


Research Collaboration Agreement


15.000€ award

Networking & long-term opportunities

Get noticed by key stakeholders and give your startup visibility.

A special area will be dedicated for the networking and business opportunities so that  you can easily meet our special guests attending and explore potential collaborations. 

Get the opportunity to get 1 on 1 meetings during the Final Race!

Learning opportunity – Get constant feedback

Prove your ability to innovate, demonstrate your specific skills and show your product or solution to the GSK Mentors and Tech Experts who will give feedback, make suggestions and  help you to develop your best solution.


Get immerse in a problem-solving environment and get all the benefits from this learning-by-doing approach while reinforcing the team building spirit.

Hack Days stories

Testimonials from Hack Days 2018 participants

Selection criteria

While developing your solution, make sure you consider the following selection criteria:

Feasibility   /  Value to GSK  /  Scalability 

Challenge fit   /  Degree of disruption  /  Customer experience

Your journey


Get selected and participate to the
Vaccines’ Innovation Summit.

The summit will combine different
initiatives including a conference
addressing the following topics :

The biggest in the field




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